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#2681: FFmpeg-0.5.1
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Comment(by ken@…):

 libvpx has had stable releases - as of last week 0.9.1 (found a reference
 to it in debian).  At that time, the url was
 http://webm.googlecode.com/files/libvpx-0.9.1.tar.bz2 but that link no
 longer works.

 Building it, as with most google packages, is slightly messy.  In this
 case, create a build directory (don't call it that, 'build' already
 exists), cd, configure : I used --enable-pic --enable-shared ; make ; As
 usual with google, no install target.  Based on distros (maybe arch or
 pld) I used
 install -v -m0755 libvpx.so.0.9.1 /usr/lib
 ln -sf libvpx.so.0.9.1 /usr/lib/libvpx.so
 install -v -m0644 libvpx.a /usr/lib
 mkdir -pv /usr/include/vpx
 install -v -m0644 ../vpx/*.h /usr/include/vpx
 install -v -m0755 ivfdec ivfenc /usr/bin

 Those details are because it makes little sense to use ffmpeg-0.6
 *without* this major addition.  The static lib is only shown for
 completeness.  But, I have no idea if any of this is useful - I'm still
 building my desktop.

 Since BLFS is still targetting LFS-6.5, it might be worth sticking with
 the old ffmpeg-0.5.1 if that would mean we can get a release ?

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