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#3022: OpenOffice 3
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Comment(by conathan):

 Replying to [comment:10 conathan]:
 > I ran into this problem w/ OpenOffice 3.2.1, when using DB 4.8.  Looking
 at configure, this most likely affects older problems as well
 > checking whether db is at least 4.1... ./configure: line 14866: test: :
 integer expression expected
 > configure: error: no. you need at least db 4.1
 > It has problems detecting db versions above 4.7,  This is discussed at
 http://www.mail-archive.com/allbugs@openoffice.org/msg450020.html (albet,
 an older version of configure then I was looking at)
 > configure, on line 14822, has the following to find the minor version of
 db (I am using db 4.8)
 >   for v in `seq 1 7`; do
 > When I changed it to
 >   for v in `seq 1 9'; do
 > it was able to continue
 > using my fabulous knowledge of sed (which I am sure can be improved
 upon)  'sed -i  "s/seq 1 7/seq 1 9/" configure' allows it to continue past

 I reported this upstream at

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