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#3022: OpenOffice 3
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Comment(by ringlis):

 Replying to [ticket:3022 ringlis]:
 > Recommend updating OpenOffice to ver-3.  I compiled the suite using a
 modification of existing OO-2 instructions, see attachments.
 > I could not use the existing Xulrunner- installation due to it
 being "too-new" and had to use Mozilla-1.7.5 built in the OO3 source tree.
 I also used JDK-6u17.  I could not use any system "Mozilla" ldap and had
 to install openldap.

 Noticed a nice bug today.  It seems the spell checker was not catching any
 intentionally misspelled words. Nor was it prompting me for corrections
 using F7.
 So I did a quick "google" on it, seems this is not uncommon.  I downloaded
 the dictionary for EN_US and proceeded to install it. OpenOffice prompted
 me with this dictionary is already installed do you wish to overwrite, I
 did.  Now the spell checker functions.

 So time to figure out why it didn't see my original dictionary.  I found
 the oxt files in (for my install)
 /opt/OpenOffice-3.1.1/share/extension/install/(choose your dictionary).
 Even though I configured for en_US (dict-en) and (dict-en) en_GB,
 OpenOffice also built dict-fr and dict-es.  Whats odd about this is you
 have to "browse" for your dictionary and install it.
 Soffice > Tools > Extension Manager > Add.. > Browse to your extension,
 and install.  I assume this added configuration would not be necessary if
 you ran the installer (which we disable).

 The downloaded en_us.oxt shows up in
 ~/.openoffice.org/3/user/uno_packages/../../ and not in the
 openoffice-3.1.1/share/extension so the installer overwrite was only
 within my local config.

 Just something to add to the Notes section for this package instructions.

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