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DJ Lucas wrote:
> Well, I have to disagree.  A recommendation should not be governed by an 
> editor's opinion, but by necessity.  I'd wager that, based on the 
> previous discussion, there should be recommended dependencies on less 
> than 15 of the packages in the book, maybe less.  One of the arguments 
> in the previous discussion was "major functionality," but I can quite 
> well argue that "major functionality" cannot possibly be determined 
> objectively.
> Allow me to explain by example.  However unlikely, using the previous 
> example from this thread, gnome-mount provides facilities for 
> auto-mounting of removable media on hotplug events.  One of the other 
> 'minor' functions it provides is the ability to eject a CD.  I don't 
> plan to use Gnome Desktop, or hot-plugging at all, but I do like that 
> gnome-mount can eject my CDs in Xfce and it talks to D-Bus which can run 
> post-eject actions in an efficient manor.
This is where my assumption was wrong.
I didn't realize that gnome-mount would be used with anything else but a
Gnome environment.
If this is the case, then should it not be moved out of the gnome
chapters and into a general utility section or something? This is one of
the packages in the gnome section that is actual not hosted by the Gnome

> I realize there is an eject program (which is cmmi), but to use eject, 
> I'd be dependent upon another program to do polling, or wait for it to 
> show in sysfs and then write my own program to do whatever action is 
> required when the CD is ejected.  Do I really need to install the 35 (?) 
> other required deps for nautilus to make gnome-mount do what I need it 
> to do in Xfce?  There are probably 100 or more examples in the book now 
> (A fairly good portion of them put there by me!).  :-)
> Granted this would probably be the minority of users, but the 
> recommended dependency above is useless to me.  Yes, for most users it 
> is probably a good recommendation, but it is still based on opinion of 
> the editor, 

This is what I was trying not to do, that is basing something on an
opinion. What I was trying to do was to base it on a set of rules, be it
that those rules where wrong.

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