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Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Wayne Blaszczyk wrote these words on 01/19/10 07:58 CST:
>> Randy,
>> Most of my Recommend dependency choices are done based on a set of rules
>> that I go by. That is, if an optional dependency that is not going to be
>> used and requires an explicit optional switch to disable that
>> dependency, then I put it as a recommend dependency. The reasoning
>> behind this is that I feel that the developer wants you to used that
>> dependency.
> This goes strictly against policies set by BLFS for years. BLFS disables
> optional dependencies, and puts the --disable-whatever on the command
> line. Only in extenuating circumstances have we varied from that policy.
Sorry, I didn't realize this was the policy. From now on I'll write up
the command line with a minimalist build.

>> The above example with gnome-mount is such a case where if
>> nautilus is not installed, then the configure script will complain about
>> it being missing unless the -disable-nautilus-extension option is specified.
> BLFS has policy that does it differently. BLFS does not care what the
> developer thinks we should do, BLFS allows the user to make those
> decisions. BLFS' job is to identify to the readers what the dependency
> is used for (if it is not obvious). Then the readers chooses.
>> Another reason why I would make something as recommended, is if that
>> optional dependency is a requirement to an upstream package and that the
>> package in question is only used by that upstream package.
> You'll have to rephrase that for me. I don't really understand what you
> mean. :-(
If package A has a required dependency, package B and package B has a an
optional dependency, package C, and package A requires package C to be
present during package B build otherwise it breaks package A, and
package B is not used for anything else but package A, then I don't see
why package C cannot be bumped up to a recommended dependency for package B.
I hope this makes it more understandable.
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