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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 07:53:11 PST 2010

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> This goes strictly against policies set by BLFS for years. BLFS disables
> optional dependencies, and puts the --disable-whatever on the command
> line. Only in extenuating circumstances have we varied from that policy.

I would like to agree here with both Randy and Wayne.  I'm not a Gnome 
user, so I really can't comment on the specifics, but I think the book 
is a bit more useful when the editor expresses an opinion.

If a recommended dependency is explained, then the user still knows it's 
not required and can make a choice.  If everything is just optional, 
then it makes it slightly harder for a user to decide if the dependency 
is important or not.  If a user doesn't know, then I think they would go 
with the recommendations and end up with a more satisfactory result.

   -- Bruce

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