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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jan 19 04:49:47 PST 2010

wblaszcz at linuxfromscratch.org wrote these words on 01/19/10 06:15 CST:
> Author: wblaszcz
> Date: 2010-01-19 05:15:41 -0700 (Tue, 19 Jan 2010)
> New Revision: 8219
> Modified:
>    trunk/BOOK/general.ent
>    trunk/BOOK/gnome/add/gnome-mount.xml
>    trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/changelog.xml
> Log:
> Updated to gnome-mount-0.8.
> +    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Recommended</bridgehead>
> +    <para role="recommended"><xref linkend="nautilus"/></para>
> +
>      <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
> -    <para role="optional"><xref linkend="nautilus"/>,
> -    <xref linkend="libnotify"/>,
> -    and <xref linkend="intltool"/></para>

I know it was a couple of months ago that we discussed all this moving
dependencies from optional to recommended. I believe you didn't
participate in the discussion. But what was determined was that we would
identify *why* things are recommended. You completely dismissed that.

I've been just sitting back watching, and you continue to change almost
every package to "recommend" something. I disagree with most of your
recommendations that I've seen. I've kept quiet because I didn't want
to stifle your work, and I'm not exactly the biggest contributer. I'm
going to go through the entire GNOME section and its required
dependencies and see how many are now recommended, when simply
mentioning what it would do in parenthesis in the optional section
would be preferred.

Wayne, I truly appreciate the work you are doing. I kept up the GNOME
section for years, before you did this last update. I know how much
time is involved, but at this point I thought I'd remind you that we
*did* discuss this dependency issue and we (the community) came to a
consensus. You for whatever reason seem to just disregard it. I am
not a big fan of "recommending" optional dependencies just because
an editor feels it makes the package "better". And without some sort
of explanation why the dependency is recommended, it is then just
editor choice, which we determined we wouldn't do any longer.


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