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#3022: OpenOffice 3
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Comment(by ringlis):

 Replying to [comment:1 dj@…]:
 > I'm curious, do you use ThunderBird?  If so, what is the result of
 trying to do a mail merge, or envelope, or such?  The third and fourth
 paragraphs at http://blog.worldlabel.com/2009/creating-an-invoicing-
 system-with-openofficeorg.html discuss how to setup the address source.
 If not, there is still hope, go-oo is usually my first stop for patches,
 but it'll be quite a while before *I* get to it.  Any help that the
 community can provide will be much appreciated.

 Yes I use Thunderbird but never tried to do a mail-merge in OO.  My main
 objective here was to get OO3 to compile successfully and installed. I
 needed a word-processor and spreadsheet program and I prefer not to build
 Gnome (can never get it to work well--unlike KDE).

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