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#2999: ACL/Attr libs should be on /lib
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Comment(by dj@…):

 Guy, while I understand your argument for not using /usr/lib by default, I
 honestly believe that it is unfounded.  I don't see the point in arguing
 against the suggestion to move them to /lib as both major consumers of the
 packages are required for booting the system.  I mean, without recompiling
 either dependent package, what is the point of installing the libraries in
 the first place?  It's an FHS issue, there really shouldn't be any
 question IMO.  Any installed utilities (if any) belong in /usr/sbin (I
 can't see a case for ACLs in single user or in a non networked
 environment, but I could be missing something and they should go to
 /sbin), but there is no question whether the libraries belong in /lib (see
 below directed to William for the method).

 Udev, I believe is going in to be rebuilt in BLFS IIRC, so this could soon
 become a BLFS ticket agian.  If you or Ag don't want to mess with it, or
 plainly don't agree with me, I'll bring it up on -dev in a week or so for
 wider discussion (when I have time to do more than just blow hot air).

 William, UDEV and KDE are broken if the build tools can't find the la
 files from the pc file, but I doubt that is actually the problem.
 Archives don't belong in /lib (though PAM is an exception).  Sounds like
 you might be incorrectly passing --libdir=/lib to configure.  The package
 should be installed with a /usr prefix, and the libraries moved to /lib
 and symlinks in /usr/lib to keep pkg-config happy, and finally versioned
 .so links recreated to point to the new location (there are a couple of
 examples of the readlink loop in the book now).  I believe that my
 previously posted instructions to BLFS-Dev probably did not account for
 that problem (archives in /lib).

 Ag, he can't use "the zsh paradigm" because coreutils isn't in BLFS,
 though it should at very least be mentioned on the ACL page that coreutils
 will need to be rebuilt along with a link to the Chapter 6 LFS page if the
 instructions are the same (and maybe it is already, I haven't read the new
 pages yet).  Vice-versa in LFS.

 I've intentionally chosen to leave the priority at high in light of my
 above opinion on the matter.  If you disagree, feel free to drop it down.
 When I have the time, I'll bring it up on the dev mailing list for

 OT:  It may soon be time that these two packages go into LFS, probably not
 for a couple of years yet, but soon, so lets plan ahead.  gudev (I think
 that was what first *needed* them) is just broken if it requires them when
 the system tools do not support ACLs, but that particular ticket shouldn't
 belong to {,B}LFS. :-)

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