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#2740: xterm-253
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 Version increment to 253.

 I am going to steal that ticket Bruce.

 One thing I don't understand is that: why we are applying the sed's to
 termcap/terminfo, when later on in the configuration section, we set:

 *backarrowKeyIsErase: true

 which has the same effect or

 xterm.*backarrowKey: false

 if it matters.

 Note that even if you don't have this setting, if you hold down the ctrl
 key and you left click with the mouse in an xterm, you'll get (be aware of
 the track formatting, the following is a carot and a question mark) "^?"
 (ascii code 127) instead of "^H" (ascii code 8).
 I'd rather don't touch the terminfo at all.
 Anyway, I won't change it for now.

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