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#3058: libjpeg 8
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 Yes, yet another libjpeg version. I hear you cry. Good thing that there
 are no ABI changes in this release. The changes are (lifted from the
 change.log file):

 jpegtran now supports the same -scale option as djpeg for "lossless"
 An implementation of the JPEG SmartScale extension is required for this
 feature.  A (draft) specification of the JPEG SmartScale extension is
 available as a contributed document at ITU and ISO.  Revision 2 or later
 of the document is required (latest document version is Revision 3).
 The SmartScale extension will enable more features beside lossless resize
 in future implementations, as described in the document (new compression

 Add sanity check in BMP reader module to avoid cjpeg crash for empty input
 image (thank to Isaev Ildar of ISP RAS, Moscow, RU for reporting this

 Add data source and destination managers for read from and write to
 memory buffers.  New API functions jpeg_mem_src and jpeg_mem_dest.
 Thank to Roberto Boni from Italy for the suggestion.

 So yea, I think we should consider this for 6.5.

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