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#2480: Switch from tetex to texlive
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Comment(by willimm):

 Yes, this is kinda late, but in case you weren't watching: TeXLive version
 2009 is out. Some notes:

  1. The files are now compressed in the XZ file format. It's for a good
 reason too, as even when compressed with XZ, the texmf tarball alone is
 around a gigabyte! Now it's a good time to think about replacing LZMA-
 Utils with XZ-Utils
  2. You have to add --disable-native-texlive-build to configure, else
 TeXLive won't build with the --with-system-* options.
  3. Upstream recommends that you use the --with-tex-banner when building
 for a inpedent distro like BLFS. The one I uses was:

 --with-tex-banner='TeX Live 2009/BLFS'

  4. If building without X, you must put --without-x on the configure line,
 else texlive won't compile.
  5. As before, lots and lots of programs were installed, taking up a lot
 of space.

 That's it for my notes.

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