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#3022: OpenOffice 3
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Comment(by ringlis):

 Just finished OO-3.2.0 compile - install.  About 3hrs with dmake -P8 on
 AMD Phemon II 955.

 Had to download OOo_3.2.0_src_testautomation and include it in the build.
 The first dmake stopped asking for this.  I did not see any configure
 option to remove this dependency.

 Openoffice 3.2.0 now uses Seamonkey-1.1.14 vs Mozilla-1.7.5.

 Had to remove --with-system-neon due to make error with undefined
 reference to XML Parser Close.
 Re-ran configure - bootstrap - source and dmake.  Compiled w/o error this

 Otherwise essentially the same build as OO 3.1.1.  Same install
 directories /opt/openoffice<ver>/{openoffice.org,openoffice.org3}.

 This time it did install the dictionary's.  I did not have a previous
 ~/.openoffice.org but once again it built fr, es, along with en.  After
 reading the OO wiki it seems the --with-lang configure option is omitted
 to build en only or --with-lang="en" or "en, fr, etc", for multiple
 language support.

 Compiled source size 4.9G.

 Have fun

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