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#2602: GCC 4.4.1
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Comment(by dj@…):

 Don't know, guess I missed it, and that pretty much makes my results
 useless for comparison.  I'm not doing anything tonight anyway, fixing to
 crash, so I'll correct my script once again and restart it in a few
 moments.  As far as the GNAT version used, I selected linux-x86 (default),
 2009 (default), and looked under "Files" for gnat-gpl-2009-1-i686-gnu-


 Since we are doing a 3 stage bootstrap and the testsuite, I'm _assuming_
 that ADA is OK.  I don't have any projects that I use that actually need
 ADA, so I haven't tested beyond the build.  If there is a better test
 besides the compiler itself and testsuite, I'll be happy to give that a
 shot to test it out further tomorrow evening.  Just let me know.  Be home
 and on the machine around 18:00 CST.

 -- DJ

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