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#3036: libproxy-0.3.0 (was: libprox-0.2.3 will not compile with NetworkManager
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Comment(by ringlis):

 Replying to [comment:1 dj@…]:
 > Yes, upgrade to 0.3.0, however, I see "-DSYSCONFDIR=/usr/etc".  Not sure
 whether that's NM's or libproxy.  Either way, --sysconfdir=/etc to both
 configure scripts might save you some headache later on down the line.
 Also, just curiosity, since you mentioned you are doing gnome2, are you
 installing Gnome in /usr or the optional prefix?  I'll be posting a book
 patch suggesting GNOME_PREFIX and GNOME_CONFIG (like in Xorg instructions)
 in a couple of days for Wayne's review (He's far more familiar with Gnome
 than I, though I'm getting there).

 Yes I seen that too, nothing at all is in /usr/etc.  I was puzzled why
 that was in there when I pasted the error.

 This build like my last is in /usr.  So far I've done 4 (including this
 one) since Jan.  I can never get Gnome right and finally stumbled upon the
 cause.  I usually would rebuild HAL after PolicyKit / ConsoleKit series
 install since hal was compiled with --without-polkit / console kit
 support, but I figured out that rebuild is causing permission issues.
 Simple things like not being able to suspend, adjust CPU, or shutdown the
 PC as a user.  On this build  I omitted the hal rebuild and so far those
 items are still functional as a user--well outside the Gnome2 desktop and
 in Xfce4.  Nothing built yet in Gnome2 DE plug-in wise.

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