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Mon Feb 1 19:55:42 PST 2010

#3032: Update sqlite3 to version to 3.6.22
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Comment(by dj@…):

 Yes it is on my todo list, but don't hesitate to open bugs for others as
 you find newer packages, it's one less thing to do, and is helpful.

 Additionally, I'm using the full package (not the amalgamation) and using
 the configure script, despite the recommendation of the developers, it
 seems to work as expected (at least on LFS).

 Regarding the Mozilla packages, also of interest is nspr-4.8.3
 (unreleased, but a diff with the firefox-3.6 release code is sufficient),
 nss- with 1.77 (current is, and again diff with ff
 release, which is huge because of the included CAs).  I'll be updating the
 book soon, hopefully within the week (as I'm still testing 'everything'
 out, including updated xorg packages, a new suggestion for the gnome
 packages, several newer libs, etc...that time frame can easily slip).


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