Found a spammer

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Aug 6 09:08:39 PDT 2010

William Immendorf wrote:
> 2010/8/6  <blfs-book at>:
> <snip the extreme white space and spam message in German>
> I think I've found a spammer on this list. First off, it's using the
> same name as the BLFS list, but the list obviously can't send messages
> by itself (except for Mailman messages when it finds spam). Secondly,
> this message has a HUGE amount of whitespace. Third off, it's an ad
> for some drug, and that makes it a SPAM message. Admins, try enabling
> RDNS lookup on Spamassain and this kind of spam would be prevented.

I don't know how it got through.  I have a deleted message that says 
that post needs admin authorization -- which I didn't give.

I get between 3 and 10 spam messages a day for each list that you never see.

   -- Bruce

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