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#2482: GNOME-2.28.2
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Comment(by willimm):

 New version 2.30. This is a big milestone for sure:


 But what I think that should be noted is:

  * GNOME System Tools now uses polkit.
  * It appears that gvfs can now use libimobiledevice
 (http://www.libimobiledevice.org/) to sync with Ipod Touch/Iphones.
 Thought it was worthy to note.
  * This release needs new versions of the backends: Glib 2.24, Pango 1.28,
 ATK 1.30, and GTK 2.20. Also, the bindings need to be updated too.
  * Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server no longer use Bonobo, and the data-
 server uses D-BUS instead. The same is true for GNOME Mangnifier.
  * Brasero now has Gobject-introspection support.
  * Gnome-Keyring now has a service that implemts D-Bus now.

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