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#3097: New Package: libatasmart
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Comment(by bambi):

 Replying to [comment:3 ken@…]:
 > Only the other day, smartmontools was mentioned - just CMMI, provides
 the *full* functionality, and encourages users to learn how to use it.

 That's not quite the case. It builds and installs that way, however for
 the *full* functionality, the daemon need to be run (and configured). This
 does require some non-trivial things to be done, because the out of the
 box configuration for the start and stop scripts do not work on an (B)LFS
 System. We'd probably have to update the blfs-bootscripts package also.

 However, I do agree to two things: 1) smartmontools are not a requirement
 for any other critical package and can be installed quite easily without
 instructions in the book 2) There number of packages in the book is
 already staggering.

 ... better continue this on the blfs-dev list ...

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