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#3097: New Package: libatasmart
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Are you planning to push this in shortly ?  If you are, I'd appreciate
 some more justification - BLFS already contains too many packages.  If
 something is an essential dependency for a package already in the book,
 that might be a good enough reason.  AFAICS, this provides limited
 functionality and is designed to flag up that a disk reports itself as
 failing.  There is also a suggestion that distro installers can link
 against it to avoid installing on a failing disk.

 Only the other day, smartmontools was mentioned - just CMMI, provides the
 *full* functionality, and encourages users to learn how to use it.

 Note that I'm not against this per se, I'd never heard of it before.  But
 I do think we all have an obligation to justify adding a package to the
 book.  I also wonder if blfs-dev isn't a better place for discussion.

 Anyway, looking at a gentoo ebuild told me the tarballs are at

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