fcron 3.0.6 has been released [freshmeat.net]

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Sat Apr 10 11:24:16 PDT 2010

Dear freshmeat.net subscriber,

fcron just announced version 3.0.6 of fcron on freshmeat.net.

The changes are as follows:

The prior focus of the 3.0.5 release was to fix a security issue that was found
and would allow a malicious user to read fcron configuration files and the
fcrontabs of non-root users. It also brings various minor improvements and bug
fixes. This release fixes an issue introduced in version 3.0.5 preventing
non-privileged users from listing their fcrontab on some systems.

Project description:

Fcron is a periodical command scheduler which aims at replacing vixie cron, so
it implements most of its functionality. It does not assume that your system is
running either all the time or regularly: you can, for instance, tell fcron to
execute tasks every x hours y minutes of system uptime or to do a job only once
in a specified interval of time. You can also set a nice value to a job, run it
depending on the system load average, and much more.

Detailed history and release notes are available here:


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