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#3084: Using the XulRunner tarball
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Comment(by randy@…):

 Not to beat the horse to death, but I feel this is important.

 I just diffed Firefox-2.6.3 and Xulrunner-1.9.2. The *only*
 changes are to configure, configure.in, and Makefile.in (there
 are also some changes to .hgtag files, but they probably don't
 affect us).

 The changes are to reflect that they call the Hildon Graphics
 API (formerly just Hildon) to Maemo now (which is the mother
 project of Hildon).

 I just can't see a "vulnerable Xulrunner" ever being exposed.
 If Xulrunner is vulnerable, that means Firefox is also. Both
 packages would be updated. I suppose there could be an issue
 with a user installing Xulrunner and a year later adding on
 Firefox, then yeah sure, there could be a vulnerable Xulrunner.
 But a simple note on the Firefox page saying to ensure the most
 current Xulrunner package is installed probably would eliminate
 that issue.

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