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#3084: Using the XulRunner tarball
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Comment(by randy@…):

 After thinking about this a bit more, I just cannot see the
 Mozilla developers maintaining more than one Xulrunner tree.
 Seems they would be smarter than that (it is time consuming
 and subject to errors to update multiple trees for minor

 Additionally, is it just coincidence that the directory name
 of the unpacked Firefox tarball is for example mozilla-1.9.2,
 the exact version number of the current Xulrunner tarball?
 Probably not.

 Furthermore, what if one doesn't want Firefox, but needs
 Xulrunner only? It seems unconventional to download a Firefox
 tarball for the Xulrunner code when there is a dedicated
 Xulrunner tarball.

 Some current book text:
     <para><command>echo "Requires: nspr"
     >>xulrunner/installer/libxul-embedding.pc.in</command>: If you try to
     <application>Yelp</application> without this, the
     prtypes header from NSPR will not be found.  It is arguable whose
 error this
     is (the code presumably works on earlier geckos), but this fix is
     to cause any damage in other packages.</para>

 This must be changed. We cannot be saying that damage is "unlikely",
 because that means there is a chance for damage. It should indicate
 that there will be *no* damage.

 I would like to continue to discuss the decision to use the Firefox
 tarball to install Xulrunner.

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