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#3084: Using the XulRunner tarball
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Comment(by ken@…):

 If you look at the releases during the firefox 3.0 series, the xulrunner
 tarballs were "intermittent", and since trying to make sense of a diff
 between 2 versions of firefox in the same series is not practical (far too
 much noise in the diff, probably deliberately so, to obfuscate), why take
 the risk of building against a vulnerable xulrunner ?

 As of gnome-2.28, I believe yelp still uses gecko and so needs xulrunner.

 For myself, I've now dropped yelp so I'm happy to do without xulrunner
 (using separate nss, nspr).  For what is in the 6.5 book, I think it's too
 soon to drop xulrunner.

 I have no objection to changing "we" in the book.

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