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#2982: Cyrus-SASL Directory Permissions
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 From BLFS-dev mailing list on 10/30/2009,
 Claus Regelmann reported:

 The BLFS-installation instuction for cyrus-sasl says:
 'install -v -m700 -d /var/lib/sasl /var/run/saslauthd'
 this restricts access to '/var/run/saslauthd/mux' to
 processes running with root privs.

 I just recognized this problem, when installing/testing cyrus-imapd from
 I followed the cyrus instructions to run the service under an unpriv
 and I set its authentication method to 'sasl_pwcheck_method:to saslauthd'

 Setting the privs for '/var/run/saslauthd' 711 works.


 This ticket should be addressed when #2880 is addressed.

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