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#2482: GNOME-2.26.3
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Comment(by willimm):

 I'd like to see Cheese included in GNOME Extras. It's a simple-is-
 beautiful webcam app, it's CMMI to build, and Cheese's website,
 http://projects.gnome.org/cheese/, says Cheese needs these deps:

  * Gnome 2.28 (what deps from Gnome 2.28? That's not very helpful... Of
 all the gnome deps, Fedora says libgnomeui and librsvg are required.
 Fedora's page for cheese alos mentions eveloution-data-server as required,
 for some reason.)
  * GStreamer 0.10.* (Fedora says that gstreamer-plugins-good is required.)
  * postr for flicker export, optional, website is at
  * F-spot for exporting to it, but I'd avoid it, as it requires Mono.
 Which is M$. Don't make M$ take over LFS. See?
  * nautilus-sendto for imporved export, project website is

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