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#2957: Firefox/Xulrunner *.pc files broken
 Reporter:  marcelvdboer  |       Owner:  dj@…                   
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Comment(by dj@…):

 After delving into thunderbird-3 and looking at this a bit more, I'm not
 sure the second command is correct.  Following mozilla convention (taken
 from observing the TB build mechanics), the sdkdir is intended to be the
 top level installation directory.  ${sdkdir}/sdk is what is used when
 building internal projects so that ${sdkdir}/xpcom-config.h can be found
 correctly, and symlinks in place to help misguided programs find at least
 libs and include dirs.  I believe that yelp and libproxy are making
 incorrect assumptions here, however, I have yet to complete a build of
 TB3.  The mozjs change is still needed.

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