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#2970: Issues with eggdbus
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Comment(by chris@…):

 Replying to [ticket:2970 willimm]:
 > There are issues with the eggdbus instructions:
 >  * Why is eggdbus called "DBUS Glib Bindings"? It should be called,
 plain and simply, eggdbus.

 It's called "D-Bus GObject Bindings", not "DBUS Glib Bindings." That's
 because that's what it is. From the .pc file it installs: "GObject
 bindings for D-Bus."

 >  * It needs a description. Can anyone think of one?

 Why? None of the other D-Bus Bindings on that page have a description.

 >  * It also needs descriptions for the lib and the apps.

 Funny, that would actually put BLFS ahead of the package devs, as the
 README, INSTALL, and various other files, including the one manpage it
 installs, all just say "Write me."

 >  * And, finaly, CBLFS mentions that Xmlto is one of the deps. Are they
 right? And if they are, does it need a patch to stop it from using xmlto?

 CBLFS is incorrect - xmlto is not needed.

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