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#2969: Various issues in Other Programming Tools page
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 I've just done some updates to the "Other Programming Tools" page, mainly
 fixing old links, but there are a few more things that need to be
 addressed there...

 The link to the GNU Smalltalk Manual is no longer valid - I'm not sure
 exactly which page was originally linked to, but would
 be about right?

 PyGTK - isn't this the same PyGTK mentioned on the "Python Modules" page?
 If so, I think it can be removed from the "Other Programming Tools" page.

 The download link given for Serp on the page isn't found, the link on the
 Serp website doesn't work either, the download site at
 http://sourceforge.net/projects/serp/files/ doesn't list any files, and
 the CVS browser says the most recent code commit was 2 years ago. Maybe
 Serp should be removed?

 SmartEiffel download site - ftp://ftp.loria.fr/pub/loria/SmartEiffel/ - is
 down. Perhaps one of the mirrors listed at
 http://smarteiffel.loria.fr/general/download.html should be used?

 KDEBindings - same as PyGTK. I think it can be removed from this page
 because there is already a "KDEBindings" page, with the same link to KDE's
 developer page, in the KDE section.

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