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#2857: upgrade for nss-3.12.3 + nspr-4.8
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 there is no combined tarball, so I made my own (attached)
 The modifyed *.pc-files and nss-config are included.

 Hint: If You want to utilise sqlite3 on Your system, You should install it
 before nss+nspr.

 Then change the build instructions:


 export WORKINGDIR=$PWD &&
 export BUILD_OPT=1 &&

 cd mozilla/security/nss &&
 make nss_build_all &&
 cd ../.. &&

 export NSS_LINUXDIR=$(basename `ls -d $WORKINGDIR/mozilla/dist/Linux*`)


 go on in setup as described in the book...

 this ensures, that the components are linked against the installed
 sqlite3, otherwise, it will overwrite files from sqlite3 and compromise
 Your system (unresolved symbols in sqlite3 and so on)

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