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Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jul 30 06:58:18 PDT 2009

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Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Wayne,
> How do you determine what versions of the different packages make up
> a Core GNOME release? Just FYI, I've always done it like this:
> First go to http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/platform/2.26/2.26.3/sources/
> and see what is listed. Then go to the actual source directory for a
> particular package and see if there is an updated version. If there is,
> I'd look at NEWS and the ChangeLog to see if it fixed a bug that was
> in the release version. I've been known to use an updated version if
> I felt it fixed a bug, or made it better.
> Just curious how you are going to go about it.
I do the first part, go to
I don't do the second part, go the actual source directory for a
particular package. I figured that later versions would be deemed for a
later version of GNOME, e.g. 2.26.4.

> Just so you know, I had those lines offset on purpose. This shows the reader
> that it is a continued line and not a new --variable. Just FYI, but I had
> done that on purpose.
> The same as if you have a sed command, we do it like this:
> sed -i -e "kdjfkasjdlkfjdkjfla;ksdjflkadsjfkdsjal;fjdsakfj" \
>     name_of_file

Sorry about this. I did some reformatting on these pages several months
ago, and at the time I thought I was aligning it up nicely at the time
(I can't remember how) but obviously it didn't work. I'll fix it up
tomorrow. Oh that's right, it's when I had CONFIGPARMS all over the place.

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