[BLFS Trac] #2858: upgrade for nss-3.12.3 + nspr-4.8

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Thu Jul 30 06:10:42 PDT 2009

#2858: upgrade for nss-3.12.3 + nspr-4.8
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Didn't see the comemnts in this until I'd already built nss.  I've using
 my own patches and scripting derived from fedora to get the -config and
 .pc files correct. FWIW there seems to be a problem getting nss to find
 the nspr headers.   I used to use [ WHERE is the prefix ]
 echo "INCLUDES += -I${WHERE}/include/nspr"

  but now I'm using the following (first noticed this at gobolinux
 export NSPR_INCLUDE_DIR=${WHERE}/include/nspr

  Also still using
 export ZLIB_LIBS=-lz

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