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#2877: libpng-1.2.38
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 Version increment to 1.2.38

 Changes since 1.2.35:

 1.2.38: The license declarations were revised to mention the "libpng
 license". The configuration files were rebuilt with autoconf-2.63. Some
 "#ifdef's" were revised to separate unknown... chunk support from
 png_set_keep_unknown_chunks() support because the latter is useful in its
 own right for ignoring known but unused chunks

 1.2.37: This is mostly a cosmetic release that fixes up indentation and
 some other style inconsistencies. There is a bugfix of the memset() that
 was added in libpng-1.2.36 but did not... initialize the entire row buffer

 1.2.36: This release consists of minor code cleanup plus fixing a
 potential memory leak in the "new_key" string.

 The apng patch no longer works against 1.2.38. I have reapplied the code
 against 1.2.38 and diffed a new patch, see attached. 1.2.38 with apng
 appears to be working fine with firefox, as demonstrated by

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