hdparm 9.16 has been released [freshmeat.net]

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Fri Jul 17 03:26:32 PDT 2009

Dear freshmeat.net subscriber,

barsnick just announced version 9.16 of hdparm on freshmeat.net.

The changes are as follows:

The "--trim-sectors" flag was added. New protocol-specific forms of
"--fwdownload" flags were implemented. Full word69 features reporting for "-I"
were added. Segfaults on failure of get_identify_data() are now avoided.

Project description:

hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and manipulating various IDE drive
and driver parameters. Most drives can benefit from improved performance using a
command similar to "hdparm -qm8 -qu1 -qc1 -qd1 /dev/hda".

Detailed history and release notes are available here:


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