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#2664: New package: Libtasn1
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 As a response to an email in blfs-dev.


 Libtasn1 isn't strictly required for building GnuTLS - GnuTLS includes an
 internal copy in the case libtasn1 package (header, binaries and
 is not present. So I am not sure if we have to place libtasn1 as a
 requirement to GnuTLS (current version at the time of writing is 2.8.1);
 I think we have to do it as there other similar cases (e.g., firefox and
 its dependencies).

 So this is one addition to the patch, plus we have to add also libtasn1
 as dependency to the gnome-keyring page (when it will be updated), since
 that is the main reason that the ticket was created. I don't build gnome
 and I don't know if it is a valid dependency or not (suppose it is but I
 don't see a separate ticket for gnome-keyring; (ok found it) the #2482
 ticket is handling the whole gnome update, and there is a comment from Dj
 that says that libtasn1 is required).

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