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#2365: NASM-0.99.01
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Comment(by gdalziel):

 I've recently compiled NASM 2.06 and used it to compile FLAC 1.2.1 and
 XviD 1.2.2. Both compiled without any issues, and the FLAC testsuite
 finished without a problem; considering how thorough the FLAC testsuite is
 I would say that there aren't any issues with it. I used --enable-asm-
 optimizations during configure on FLAC to ensure that the assembly
 routines were used. I have also checked libmpeg 1.7 and 1.8, respectively,
 and both of those compiled without much of an issue.

 I can check more if you would like, I know that SDL makes use of NASM.
 However, so far it seems to be quite usable.

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