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#2863: libtiff-3.8.2 vulnerabilities
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 Checking recent vulnerabilities, I found CVE-2009-2285.  Looking at fedora
 and ubuntu I find they are patching tiff for rather more: CVE-2006-2193,
 CVE-2008-2327, and also CVE-2006-3460..65.

 The mitre reports for that last group are misleading - they label them as
 applying "before 3.8.2" but they were reported by Travis Ormandy at gentoo
 and the gentoo reports say that their ebuilds up to and including 3.8.2-r1
 are affected.  NB trac is daft enough to think there is a link in that
 (ebuild) version, I've no idea how to stop that (quoting it doesn't help).

 I've prepared a patch, will upload it shortly.

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