r7830 - in trunk/BOOK: basicnet/mailnews introduction/welcome

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jul 6 12:16:57 PDT 2009

gdalziel at linuxfromscratch.org wrote these words on 07/06/09 13:50 CST:
> Author: gdalziel
> Date: 2009-07-06 12:50:50 -0600 (Mon, 06 Jul 2009)
> New Revision: 7830
> Modified:
>    trunk/BOOK/basicnet/mailnews/mutt.xml
>    trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

The general.ent file should be updated as well. Please review the Editor's
Guide. :-)

> +      <screen><userinput>ln -v -s gpg2 /usr/bin/gpg</userinput></screen>

Commands that must be executed by the root user should be wrapped with
<screen role="root"><userinput>command</userinput>...

We don't think we currently use the "role=root", (jalfs might, I'm not sure),
but if we ever do all the commands requiring root need this.

> +
> +      <para>If, however, you have <xref linkend="gnupg"/> installed and you wish 
> +      to use <xref linkend="gnupg2"/> you should edit <filename>~/.muttrc</filename>
> +      by hand, changing all occurances of <command>gpg</command> to
> +      <command>gpg2</command>.</para>

Typically, anytime you use an "if, then" type of sentence, there should
be a comma before the "then" part. In this case a comma should be before
"you should edit". Picking nits, but what the heck, why not make our
grammar as good as possible?


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