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#2720: Cairo-1.8.6
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Comment(by randy@…):

 Hmmm, why do I feel there is a confrontation starting? :-)

 Anyway, there is no urgency. However, I have it installed, have tested it,
 and want to get the book updated. We don't sit on package versions when
 there is Editor interest to update it. Another thing is that I wanted to
 fix the dependencies, which are incorrect right now.

 As far as your comment about xcb (which was unnecessary by the way), you
 didn't answer my question. Saying you've been using an experimental
 of some code does not make it "recommended". I was hoping for a bit more
 dignified answer such as "I'm recommending it because package XYZ is much
 more robust using it", or something along those lines.

 Right now, your answer does not qualify it being a recommended dependency,
 seeing how the developers still consider it experimental code.

 And as far as the X dependecy goes, it is definately not required.

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