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#2480: Switch from tetex to texlive
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 I've done a bit of work with this package. I'm using the most recent
 sources (20080816 and the corresponding texmf tarball). I managed to
 get it installed without any patches (not counting the DESTDIR patch I
 created). I did need 3 seds so the directory structure was a bit
 more sane:

 sed -i 's|/texmf-dist/scripts|/share&|' texk/tex4htk/Makefile.in

 sed -i 's|  texmf|  share/texmf|' texk/texlive/Makefile.in

 sed -i 's|var/tmp/texfonts|var/cache/texfonts|' texk/make/paths.mk

 I also had to hand-modify /usr/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf to
 include 'share' into the directory path of some the texmf vars.
 I could make a sed, but it was after the fact, and after f**king
 with it for two days I'm a bit burned out.

 It seems to work fine using some rudimentary Tex operations from
 the libgcrypt package. My destdir patch is in the LFS repo:

 The configure command I used is:

 ./configure --prefix=/usr \
             --bindir=/usr/bin/TeX \
             --libdir=/usr/lib \
             --sysconfdir=/etc/livetex \
             --with-x \
             --with-system-ncurses \
             --with-system-zlib \
             --with-system-pnglib \
             --with-system-t1lib \
             --with-system-freetype2 \
             --with-freetype2-libdir=/usr/lib \
             --with-freetype2-include=/usr/include \
             --with-system-gd \
             --enable-gf \
             --disable-a4 \
             --without-texinfo \
             --without-xindy \
             --without-luatex \
     >configure.log 2>&1

 Then make and make install (I used DESTDIR to install).

 Counting the texmf tarball and DESTDIR it used about 4GB of space
 during the installation. It's huge.

 If we can get some folks (Alexander!) to test it out, we could get
 it into the book. It includes the cm-super fonts that is an addon
 in the books' TeTeX instructions.

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