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#2825: xine-lib-1.16.2
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Now 1.16.2
 This release contains one new security fix.
 It also contains some corrections of previous security fixes.

 * Build fixes related to ImageMagick 6.4 & later.
 * Fix an error in Matroska PTS calculation.
 * Some front ends hang due to the hang fixes in 1.1.16. Fix
   this by removing a break statement.
 * Fix broken size checks in various input plugins
   (ref. CVE-2008-5239).
 * More malloc checking (ref. CVE-2008-5240).
 * Fix race conditions in gapless_switch
   (ref. kde bug #180339)
 * Fix a possible integer overflow in the 4XM demuxer.
 Also, the home page is now http://www.xine-project.org/home - xinehq.de is
 now defunct.

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