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#2833: gperf required by a2ps-4.14
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Comment(by thomas):

 Replying to [comment:1 randy@…]:
 > ...
 > 1. I'm not sure the sed for the sort command is required any longer.
 > I can't produce an error using the syntax that is supposed to be bad.
 Yes, I also see no errors when leaving that sed out

 > 2. We need to pass a parameter so that there is not a long hangup
 > during the mktime test. See the Gawk page in LFS devel for an example.
 Or simply run 'autoconf' first. Unfortunatly I cannot tell much about that
 auto{make,conf}-voodoo and what it does and so, but
 http://www.archivum.info/gnu.emacs.bug/2008-08/msg00848.html gave me a
 hint about that...

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