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#2802: openssl-0.9.8j
 Reporter:  trent.shea  |       Owner:  randy@…                   
     Type:  task        |      Status:  assigned                  
 Priority:  high        |   Milestone:  6.4                       
Component:  BOOK        |     Version:  SVN                       
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Comment(by randy@…):

 These are the types of things that make me want to completely
 stop reading anything you have to say William. First of all,
 simply providing "enable-gmp" does nothing without adding other
 parameters which you fail to document.

 Futhermore, if you were to actually *READ* the documentation,
 you'd see that on x86, the native code is faster. So why on
 earth would we want to add something that actually produces
 inferior code?

 Please know that from now on, William, I am not reading anything
 you have to say. So if I own a ticket, please don't clutter it
 with anything you have to say, as it will be completely ignored.

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