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#2547: rsync-3.0.5
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Comment(by ken@…):

 I've seen one oddity on 3.0.4 - when a file was deleted during the backup,
 I got a status of '(code 23)' prefixed by IO error encountered -- skipping
 file deletion

 Normally, I would expect code 24 in that case.Can't find any other errors
 in that output, at first I thought the status codes must have changed, but
 checking the man page shows 23 is still regarded as an error.  Google
 finds a few similar code 23 reports, mostly in logs, and I didn't see any
 obviously useful responses to postings.  All of these reports were for
 3.0.4, apart from one for 3.0.2.

 The samba bugzilla has a report of code 23 caused by a directory with 000
 permissions, but that was accompanied by a recognisable error message, my
 output only had 'no such file or directory' messages.

 Meanwhile, 3.0.5 is out.  Testing (untarred a package, started the rsync
 from /home to an nfs mount, deleted the package after a couple of seconds)
 I got the error.  Will log this on the samba bugzilla when my ID arrives.

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