Permissions on Anduin

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Oct 21 03:40:54 PDT 2008

TheOldFellow wrote these words on 10/21/08 05:07 CST:
> With a spare moment, I thought that I'd upload the four missing files
> reported today.
> The directories appear not to have group write perms for blfseditors.
> This makes it a tad difficult.

It wouldn't do any good. The first time the rsync process ran, those
files would be *removed*. And I believe it is a twice a day process.

Justin must update the master rsync server. That's the only way
right now it can be done.

Short of stopping the rsync service and us doing it manually, which
I know would get us in much worse shape than we are now (at least
history has shown that to be the case :-) ).


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