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#2561: New version control apps
 Reporter:  willimm  |        Owner:  blfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org
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Changes (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * status:  new => closed
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 Closing this ticket as these packages (except Bazar)
 already have tickets created and there is insufficient
 data on this ticket anyway.

 In the future, when you create a ticket for a new
 package, we need information. What the package does,
 what is the home page URL, why do we need it, what
 does it support, etc., etc.

 Please consider using the Wiki initially. At this point,
 William, I think you are just pulling our chain trying
 to be aggravating. And if that isn't your intention, well,
 that's the way you are coming off.

 You don't/won't do any research before you create tickets.
 Please don't create any more, except for things that are
 problems you've found in the book that need correcting.
 And provide a solution, if possible.

 If you want Bazar in the book, here would be the approach
 you would take.

 1. Create a Wiki page for the package.
 2. Send a message to the -dev list saying that you've
 created a Wiki page for the package and you'd like the
 *community* (not just you) to review and decide if it
 should be in the book.
 3. *After* it has been discussed and the *community*
 thinks it is a good idea, then, and only then, we'll
 create a ticket.

 I hate imposing such strict rules on this for you,
 William, but you've left us no choice.

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