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#2654: Accessibility for blind users
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 On the livecd list, a user said that accessibility is important for him:

 On the LiveCD, accessibility is provided by the following packages: brltty
 (reflects the Linux console on Braille devices, testable with a fake
 Braille device in QEMU), speakup (kernel patch that reads the console),
 speechd-up (feeds text from speakup to speech-dispatcher), speech-
 dispatcher (accepts speech requests and converts them to a form
 understandable by different synthesizers), and espeak (the lightweight
 multilingval software speech synthesizer). However, none of these packages
 are currently in BLFS, and it became a policy for the new LiveCD to reject
 packages beyond BLFS. So, in order to have accessibility on the LiveCD, it
 first has to be added to BLFS.

 And by "added", I mean that at least one other editor receives the
 knowledge sufficient to maintain this stuff, and that someone indeed wants
 to maintain it.

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