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#2482: GNOME-2.24.2
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Comment (by dj at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Build notes from tonight's packages (completed platform section) in case
 anybody is following or going at the same pace...please update.

 Not much of interest:

 Gnome Keyring now requires libgcrypt and libtasn1, and wants a pre-
 populated root.certs file.  Left it blank for the moment.  libtasn1 is
 pretty simple can be built with the same instructions as libgpg-error (use
 as a template when adding to the book).

 Gnome-icon-theme no longer checks for XML::Simple, only XML::Parser.

 gail is at version 1.22.3, it need not match the version of libgail-gnome
 according to the comments in the changes file.

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