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#2626: JDK 6 Update 10/IcedTea
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Comment (by dj at linuxfromscratch.org):

 IcedTea is an auto-tooled build harness for OpenJDK with additional code
 to replace the binary plugs (including a browser plug-in and WebStart
 implementation that are currently not a part of OpenJDK).  Unfortunately,
 several web apps are broken by the liveconnect plugin, however, it is
 today 1000 times better than it was at the last release point (just a few
 weeks ago).  I follow development closely, though I haven't built it in
 the past few weeks.  I'll give it a full testing once OpenJDK b14 is
 available.  Hopefully we'll see a 1.4 release against b14 soon (b14 is in
 the wraps).  At any rate, judging by the latest test results, IcedTea6
 today will probably work fine as a dependency in BLFS, but the browser
 plug-in is the big stickler ATM.

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