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#2637: abiword-2.6.4
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 A bit more involved to build than it used to be, and split up into four
 parts -

 depends on wv : somebody suggested it can be built without if you pass a
 switch to configure, but I could find no evidence to support that in
 recent 2.6.

 build and intall abiword itself, keep the source.
 build and install the plugins, pointing configure to the source
 source can be removed
 build and install the extras
 build and install the docs

 In theory, the extras are separate because they might not change.  This
 doesn't seem to match what actually happens.

 Still lagging the rest of gnome by a considerable margin (needs
 libgnomeprintui and thus libgnomeprint libgnomecanvas which most of gnome
 no longer use), and still fails to use fontconfig to find a glyph when it
 isn't in the chosen font.  However, it's still a useable lightweight

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